Our Company

Envision Consulting Services, LLC was created to help businesses and individuals increase efficiency while providing tested methods of customizing, organizing, presenting and analyzing data.

Our consultants have diverse backgrounds—including education and experience in financial modeling, metric reporting & analytics, sales, customer service, commissions, statistics, VBA, marketing, budgeting, creating business cases, breakeven analysis, SQL, database creation & maintenance, software training, interviewing, and NPV analysis to evaluate potential investments in assets and personnel.

Throughout our research and experience, our consultants have discovered remarkable ways to save you time and money using powerful, proven techniques to understand the health of your business and simplify decision-making. We help you accomplish data analysis for your business by creating easy-to-maintain and easy-to-read reports or by providing you the tools and secrets to create your own reporting and improve your analytical skills.

Whether your business is in need of automated reporting, financial analysis and/or training, discover how ECS can help you to save time and money. Our primary goal is to build rapport with our clients and understand their business needs so that we may advise you on which of our services may benefit you the most. ECS will invest our time to consult with you concerning your projects for free (amount of free consultation time based on size of project(s)) and without any obligation to hire us. We want to exceed your expectations by providing the benefit of our expertise and customizing our knowledge to your business needs. Our consultants at ECS want to earn your repeat business and referrals because our goal is to maintain long term relationships with our clients.

Every business needs to make decisions; and every decision may be the difference between making a profit or experiencing a loss. Making informed decisions for your company is essential to its future, your employees and your customers. ECS has experience in compiling and analyzing data for many types of business cases, like:

  • Headcount & Productivity Analysis
  • Cost Analysis for Loan Options
  • Potential future profit or loss for an investment (NPV and ROI Analysis)
  • Commissions & Sales Incentives
  • Breakeven Analysis