Corporate Training

Have you ever attended a one or two day computer software training class, only to come away with only a few extra tidbits of information you didn’t already know? Or maybe the information that was presented seemed to be beneficial, however you weren’t sure how to specifically apply this knowledge to your business needs? Sometimes you may have even felt that you knew more about the software than the person teaching you. That’s because many of the trainers at adult learning centers have not used the software in real-life business situations.

Even though we at ECS LLC have trained others, we are not professional instructors. Instead, we have several years of actual, hands-on expertise with financial modeling and data analysis. We know which questions to ask so we can understand and customize which types of reporting, analysis, and training will benefit your business. We have discovered the secrets that will help improve and streamline spreadsheets to make using these resources easier than you ever thought possible. Our consultants are inspired by challenge – give us the opportunity to prove we can provide your company with desired results.

Our consultants have worked with countless members of management – at all levels – to develop solutions that represent a partnership between their needs and our knowledge. Our training materials were created by our company, based on what we have learned over several years of business experience. We show you the tricks we’ve figured out over the years based on trial and error, past mistakes and pure determination to automate and streamline reporting and analysis.

You probably know that if you have detailed reporting and analysis you can make better decisions for your company, but you keep procrastinating because the thought of sitting at your computer and trying to create something yourself is less than desirable. Maybe you have an employee to do this work for you, but they aren’t living up to your expectations. As with everything else, you get what you pay for. You need to be careful that you invest in your resources wisely. We challenge you to try ECS and compare our results to those of our competitors; we believe you will discover our proven techniques offer better results.