Individual Training

ECS consultants can provide you with tips, tricks & real-world examples on how to create and maintain Excel spreadsheets and/or ACCESS databases. There are many well-paying jobs available if you have developed advanced skills in reporting, financial modeling, database administration and/or data analysis. However, in this job market education and even years of experience usually isn’t enough. In order to secure a job offer, to you have to show you can do more than your competition. Give yourself every opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates. Many companies have learned that paying more for candidates with advanced computer skills which increase efficiency, consistency, productivity and automation are a valuable investment.

Hiring managers are also aware that there are many levels of knowledge among their pool of candidates. If they are hiring for a position that requires advanced computer skills, many companies have learned to test potential hires in order to evaluate their actual skill level before making an offer. Our consultants have conducted many interviews and know first-hand that many candidates assume that if they can “just make it past the interview” that they will be able to learn on the job without their manager realizing they over-exaggerated their expertise during the interview process. This may have been more prevalent in the past, however many hiring managers have been burned because former hires do not live up to their expectations. ECS can help you to prepare for these opportunities and accelerate your career path by providing you with the expertise we have gained from several years of hands-on experience.

With ever-increasing competition, corporations rarely have the option of raising prices; and therefore have realized that to improve their bottom line, they must reduce costs by providing quality products and services with less resources. And more often that not, that means cutting headcount. Do your best to differentiate yourself from your peers so that if a layoff is looming, you are confident that your advanced computer skills will provide you with the edge that may save you from being let go. If you have proven yourself to complete projects with more accuracy and in less time, that should give you an advantage as a valuable resource to your company.

ECS can customize training for individuals by skipping over what you may already know and focusing on specific ways you can improve skills that are relevant to the demands of your job (or the job you want).