Interviewing for Businesses

You know you want to hire an employee with intermediate or even advanced Excel or ACCESS expertise. However, you are not sure how to interview them thoroughly or determine if their skill level is a fit with your needs because you are not an expert in these applications. ECS can help you to evaluate the level of expertise your candidates have in these tools, and make a recommendation on whether or not their experience will fulfill your needs.

Please realize that we do not offer recruiting services and do not conduct preliminary interviews. We do offer services which include testing and/or conducting a technical interview with your final candidates to gauge and verify their level of expertise in Excel or ACCESS. Many candidates over-estimate their level of knowledge of these software programs, sometimes intentionally and other times inadvertently. Be confident that you are hiring the best candidate by hiring an expert to help determine if a candidate will be an asset or a liability to your company.

Preparing Individuals for Interviews

ECS consultants will also help job seekers to prepare for interviewing in the business world, with proven techniques we have used ourselves to secure job offers. You may be competing with hundreds of other candidates for one open position. If your plan is to go into an interview and “wing it” or you use the same resume, same interview responses or same list of questions regardless of the company, industry or job description then you may as well not show up for the interview at all. To have any chance you need to be prepared, be willing to practice, and invest some quality time and effort.

When I began my career, I thought that the best interview responses were ones that illustrated my flexibility and openness when I was asked what management style I preferred to work under or what career path I wished to follow. However, I now realize my responses that were intended to show willingness to be flexible were most likely interpreted as indifference to the position I was applying for. I had no idea what to say because I didn’t know what they wanted to hear. When you’re on the other side of the interview, you gain a whole new perspective on what to say and what not to say because now you know as an interviewer what you want to hear and what you don’t want to hear from a prospective hire. Our consultants will share their own methods they’ve used to improve their chances to be included in the final list of candidates and conduct practice interviews with you.